Ryan West

Maya J ‘Trouble’ Track Review

"Trouble" is the first single Maya J has released of 2021

Mainstream music, more than ever, is full of fast tempo, party-oriented songs. We are constantly bombarded with new music every day. Maya J’s mid-tempo sultry jam “Trouble” gives an alternative to the rush of daily life. As a pop/R&B artist and actress, she knows all too well the hectic nature of the industry. “Trouble” offers a nice pause in the commotion through the use of a soulful melody. The public is increasingly infatuated more so with the idea of love rather than the loving itself. The continuous tempo allows the listener to take a step back and enjoy the current moment. Recognizing that love takes a constant effort, she makes it a point to expose her vulnerable side and express her feelings. 

The lyrics in “Trouble” further emphasize her mission to put the world on pause and appreciate the loved ones around them. Time and again she refers to doing things together with people. Depicting the exciting moments of a new relationship, she acknowledges that the “love train’s coming fast” but that no matter how quickly things go, the quality of togetherness is more important than the quantity of moments. 

Maya Jenkins aka Maya J, in the music world, is the epitome of youthful sass, talent, and class. The upbeat singer and actress was born in Los Angeles. After beginning as an actress in 2014, she has been a consistent presence in more than one area of the entertainment industry. She has been seen in multiple films and shows, most notably on Freeform, HBO, Nickelodeon, comedy segments with AwesomenessTV, and a handful of popular streaming networks. Currently, Maya J is filming undisclosed television projects and is continuously working on new music for TV networks, other popular artists, and for her own catalog. Maya J will be releasing new music for her fans all throughout 2021.

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