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Marq Electronica ‘Crazy Fool’ Track Review

Marq Electronica Wows Us All Again With New Single ‘Crazy Fool’

We’re all just crazy fools aren’t we? Falling for people we shouldn’t, lusting after other people’s lives, comparing ourselves to each other… These are some of the themes electronic powerhouse Marq Electronica explores through his music.

We have enjoyed a string of single releases from this fast-emerging talent over the past year. With his first release as a solo artist ‘Get Down & Work It Out’, Marq wanted to write a funky, fun song which was a celebration of brilliant nights out clubbing.

Next came ‘In A City (Love)’, through which Marq took us on a journey via a heartbreakingly resonant story; memories of an ex you just can’t seem to shake. With his single ‘Wildlife’, Marq spoke on the all too relatable boredom of staring out your window all through lockdown!

Now he has dropped ‘Crazy Fool’ and wowed us again. Produced by Brit and Ivor Novello award winner Simon Ellis, his solo work has been a real treat for listeners. As Marq explains: “The world may be crazy right now so this is a moment’s release, a fun track we can all identify with to some extent.” 

Marq is from and based in the North-East, UK, and is no stranger to music. He’s been performing and organising music events for ten years now. A firm favourite in his local area, it’s no surprise when you hear how catchy his music is. We imagine he’ll be killing it live post-pandemic! His latest release is ‘Crazy Fool’ is an explosive disco tune with a super memorable chorus comprising of a female vocal chop. Couple this with Marq’s stand-out 80s-tinged voice, anthemic synth and kickass groove, and you have a winner. Go give Marq Electronica a stream or a download!

‘Crazy Fool’ is out now on all the major digital platforms, and there’s a mesmerising video too, which you should check out.

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