Courtesy of Marina Orchestra

Marina Orchestra Celebrates 10 Years With New Album

'Night Life' Showcases the New Orlean's Band Carribbean Rock Fusion

New Orleans-based rock band Marina Orchestra released their newest album Night Life on October 30 – celebrating the band’s 10 year anniversary as a group. The band is known for its Caribbean musical influences blended with rock n’ roll. Night Life has the same fan-favorite sound but includes a slightly slowed down tempo. “Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the new line-up, maybe it’s the age,” says bandleader Justin Powers.

Powers took a gamble in 2015 by uprooting the band from Knoxville, Tennessee to the seductive city of New Orleans. “I’ve spent the past 5 years listening to this city and I’ve channeled these songs out that time,” says Powers. “There is a lot of dancing here, but also a lot of searching.” Powers has found many reasons to continue writing uplifting music, especially thanks to the incredible group of performers who surround him. Distilled within the nine tracks is an expanse of danceable dreamscapes channeled to Powers throughout his time in the city. Despite a complete line-up change and many years of listening, learning, discovery and rediscovery, Marina Orchestra has survived this big gamble, and Night Life is proof of that. “This is the album I never thought I’d make,” says Powers. “When I left Tennessee for New Orleans I had no idea what was ahead of me.

Marina Orchestra is the New Orleans-based Caribbean Rock fusion project helmed by singer-songwriter Justin Powers. Much like other prominent rockers of yore like David Byrne of Talking Heads and Paul Simon, Marina Orchestra cleverly weaves between genres creating a rollicking and groovy style of rock that is distinctly original. Known for their vibrant musical energy and life-affirming lyrics, the band has wowed audiences with their soaring vocal harmonies and danceable rhythms. Since 2010, Marina Orchestra has been a vision of a blaring brass section, swinging back-up singers, churning polyrhythms, and sweet melodies that stick with you.