MamaKhalees ‘Close Your Eyes’ Track Review

Mama Knows Best

After a three month break, experimental virtual-musos MamaKhalees have struck back with a brand new single. The moderate success of last year’s “Stay Free” has helped the Japanese indie-rock trio gain a foothold in the industry, and it seems like “Close Your Eyes” will only further their reputation.

Releasing alongside their B-side “Sky”, the uplifting tone of the song provides a strong contrast, but in a good way. With a straightforward rhythm and uncomplicated melody shifts, this is a song that just about anyone can get in to, which helps provide a grounded element against the hypnotic, existential themes of celestial  curiosity throughout everyday monotony in the lyrics.

Unfortunately, with such an abundance of alternative-rock music, “Close Your Eyes” finds itself struggling to have a distinctive voice; it plays it safe and simple, especially when compared to “Stay Free”, and so ensures that it doesn’t take any unnecessary risks, but also means that there is nothing particularly unique about it. That isn’t to say that those who enjoy the genre won’t find something to like, but the same cannot be said for a wider audience.

Ultimately, “Close Your Eyes” is an enjoyable track, that hasn’t quite learned to break the mould just yet. MamaKhalees clearly have a promising future, and it will be exciting to see how the group develops throughout 2021, as long as they keep pushing the boundaries, and going beyond just another track.

“Close Your Eyes” Drops on the 19th of March. You can check it out on the following services:

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