M Pike

M Pike ‘Worthy’ Track Review

M Pike Rises Fresher Than Ever With 'Worthy'

M Pike is back with his pop-rock release, ‘Worthy’. It is a track that delves into a unique space, and M Pike creates a hybrid. Furthermore, he fuses many genres into one, and it makes a unique experience like no other.

It starts with a guitar lead and a thumping bass hook. Although, the bass is very light in the mix and a little more mid and low eq could have been more cogent. Luckily, M Pike excels, and he flies high with his top-class performance hitting home with vitality. He speaks a direct message, and he leads the listener on an adventure with his smart wordplay working well.

M Pike has a theatrical approach to singing, and it would not be a surprise to witness him going into musical theatre in the future. He is articulate with his words, and his diction is similar to singers who also possess acting skills; Jared Leto comes to mind.

Musically, the energy flows quickly, but it picks up monumentally after the first verse. Moreover, the refrain is big, bold and fearless, and all the big guns blaze with might. Additionally, the drums bolster the entire piece, and they hold the mix together like an adhesive.

Overall, M Pike takes a giant step forward with ‘Worthy’. Also, it is a track that will echo out of music basements and clubs for quite some time. It is appealing, and it gets the energy levels rising quickly. Also, it fills a gap in the modern industry.

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