LZYBY ‘Take My Time’ Track Review

LZYBY Surprises Once Again With 'Take My Time'

Oxford-based indie-pop musician LZYBY is back with ‘Take My Time’, and it is a release that reflects on his lockdown with a sound you will struggle to locate elsewhere in the indie-pop space.

Finding his feet early in his career, LZYBY smashes ahead with conviction, and he leverages his ability with poise from the instant. Furthermore, he showcases his multi-talent with him playing all the instruments on the release. It is also not just the impressive musical arrangements that make this track stand out, with the vocals also stupefying with beautiful tones.

‘Take My Time’ starts with a mythical vocal overture with LZYBY echoing out a load of low-octave humming notes. A synth lead then appears n the back end, and it gives the track a new edge. LZYBY then gets underway with his vocal performance, and he rises to the occasion with might. Furthermore, he radiates like a beacon with a captivating delivery about doing it the way he wants to do it and in his own time.

As the track progresses, plenty of new sounds arrive, and LZYBY does not shy away from trying something new. Moreover, on paper, many instruments and components would sit too far out of place to even make sense, but while listening, everything flows with ease. Furthermore, there is an archaic foundation with a traditional violin lead section, and they ride alongside modern hooks with a groovy bass and 2021 style synth melody.

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