LZYBY ‘Frustration’ Track Review

LZYBY Reinvents Modern Pop With 'Frustration'

Oxford singer and producer, LZYBY is back, and he returns with his mighty new track ‘Frustration’. It is a story about the differences between our generation and the ones before ours. Cleverly, LZYBY compares how we live today with how our ancestors lived; he reiterates how much the world has changed and that the previous inhabitants would probably hate us all now.

Is he right? Yes, probably. But, I imagine they would prefer to live in modern times. Also, I am sure many would enjoy hearing his new track. It is nail-biting with a quality which is not the norm in the contemporary scene.

Furthermore, ‘Frustration’ takes a hint from artists in previous decades. As a result, it sounds like a compilation of all the decades since the 80s. For me, I relish this approach because he has taken what worked so well and put it into the blender; the result is a winner.

Vocally, LZYBY has a sound of his own. He does not sound similar to a lot of the pop artists I am currently hearing. However, I can pinpoint an influence on some of the pop greats with his vocals coming across very clean and proper. Furthermore, I would enjoy a little more rawness in his vocals, but I cannot criticize his delivery because each word articulates very well.

Overall, ‘Frustration’ is a track which I find myself coming back to regularly. It is most likely the potent melody which keeps pulling me back for another fix. It is contagious from the start, and it will have you feeling quenched.

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