Lydia Singer

Lydia Singer ‘Lemme Know’ Track Review

Lydia Singer Releases Fresh New Track 'Lemme Know'

Lydia Singer is flying for the flag for British pop with her fresh single ‘Lemme Know’. Also, she is rivalling some of the greatest singers who are topping the charts over the pond.

‘Lemme Know’ which is the first track from Lydia post lockdown, is a treat from the very start. Furthermore, it kicks off with a tranquil intro which takes us on an adventure even before Lydia graces the airwaves with a sublime vocal delivery. I relish the beach soundscape it boasts, and I find myself swaying to a tropical realm every time I hit play. However, this vibe quickly shifts once Lydia greets the mix.

Vocally, Lydia is a force which is not slowing down. Moreover, she has already racked up thousands of streams for her previous hits, and the future is looking even brighter now ‘Lemme Know’ is here. Lydia’s tone is impressive, and she articulates her words well. Also, she puts her wide vocal range on display with her often reaching into falsetto as well as delving deep for good measure.

What I enjoy most about this track is the unique approach which the producer has adopted. It has an innovative feel, and although it is not exactly a hybrid, it still comes with new qualities which the industry has been craving. Moreover, sounds which I never expected to make it onto a pop track have made the final mix. For example, a cowbell effect which is often not associated with this type of record leaps out, and to be honest; it sounds delicious in the mix. As a result, will this be a new trend? Only time will tell, but it would not surprise me to hear other artists taking a hint.

You can take a listen to ‘Lemme Know’ by Lydia Singer below. Also, be sure to follow Lydia on her official social media accounts here.

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