Lucy Spraggan is back with a new song ‘Sober’

Singer songwriter Lucy Spraggan new track poignantly reflects on her recovery from alcoholism. We caught up with her for chat..

How’s the week been for you so far?

My week has been a little bit stressful, but also had some lovely parts to it. I got to see my family and go out for some nice food – life is good.

Tell us the story behind the new singe ‘Sober’

I got sober about 15 months ago and in the first week I really wanted to make a note of how I was feeling. The best way for me to do that is to write a song! Sober is pretty raw and honest.

What were the highlights of the recent shows at Warwick Castle?

It was just amazing to be back on stage, it was such a good feeling to be back performing with my keys player, it was beautiful to see the audience (from afar) and have a sense of normality back in my life for that brief moment. It was like escapism.

Five things you love about being a songwriter might include ..

Telling stories in 3.30 mins

Being able to write about my feelings.

Co-writing. I love getting our heads together and making something awesome.

Having people hear what I have to say and relating to it.

A song can be anything; true, fictional, fun, sad, happy etc. It’s a whole world.

How did you keep encouraged and engaged during lockdown?

I did a lot of running. I even wrote a song called ‘Run’ that’s on the new album. I really loved listening to music and just running and running.

If your life was a novel, which one would it be and why?

I guess when I’ve finished my book (been writing for 6 months) I will plug that! Until then, read my Mum’s novel ‘The truths and triumphs of Grace Atherton’.

Quick fire Questions

If you had to choose would you pick …

Forgive or forget                             Forgive

Rainbow or Reindeer                    Rainbow

Cheddar or Stilton                          Stilton but I’m lactose intolerant!

Sand or stone                                    Sand

Lois Lane or Lex Luther               Lois Lane

You can find more information about Lucy Spraggan at...

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