Loudmouf unveils brand new track ‘Push The Gas’

The talented Chicago rapper’s new track ‘Push the gas’ is a ready-made club banger.

Loudmouf has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Push The Gas’. The talented rapper delivers a nice insight into Loudmouf’s conflicted lifestyle. After his difficult upbringing, which surrounded drugs, gangs, and daily shootings, Loudmouf used music as his escapism.

‘Push the gas’s uptempo bass-heavy sound moulds the track’s booming energy. Loudmouf’s creative artistry slithers through the eye-hooking music video production.

Loudmouf’s not just a rapper, He’s a prolific storyteller and everything he makes has a story and an even deeper meaning behind it. Loudmouf’s entire life was filled with people who wanted to be inside of the music industry, He remembers listening to Mano and Rosco Dash every morning.

Music has always been an outlet for him because his childhood reality was hard and consisted of an environment filled with drugs, and crime, all around the city of Chicago. Once he wrote his first song, it all began to make sense, everything had finally come full circle for Loudmouf.