Lorenzo Doryon ‘Straight Into the Fire’ Track Review

Lorenzo Doryon releases explosive track 'Straight Into the Fire'

Italian by blood, but born and bred in LA, Lorenzo Doryon has the whole package. 

Not content with taking the modelling world by storm, Doryon is now branching out into music with his explosive sophomore single, ‘Straight Into the Fire’. Taking cues from genres such as electro-pop, R&B and soul, ‘Straight Into the Fire’ takes all the energy conjured up in debut single ‘Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)’ and turns it up a notch.

Traditions of funk and soul are given a modern dance-pop update and an extra injection of attitude and positivity as Doryon manifests his life philosophy into song form. “I hope fans are able to deeply relate to my music – that has been my primary goal as an artist. Taking the human experience and reflecting it back to the audience through song. Living your true self, not letting negativity get you down, and pursuing your dreams. That’s what I hope people take away from my music.”

The ZEDD and JULIA MICHAELS penned song carries the same kind of clout as the names who wrote it – artists in their own rights, ZEDD’s best-known tracks are ‘The Middle’ (one billion Spotify streams) and ‘Stay’ featuring Alessia Cara (900M on Spotify). He has also written ‘I Want You To Know’, featuring Selena Gomez, and ‘365’ with Katy Perry. Alongside her career highlight with the definitive pop song of the 2010s – Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ – JULIA MICHAELS has also written widely for Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Fifth Harmony and Gwen Stefani, amongst many others.