Liz Cass ‘Chaos’ Track Review

Soul-Pop Newcomer, Liz Cass Shares Vibrant New Single 'Chaos'

Returning after the success of her solo debut ‘Bad Love’ Liz Cass has found her stride with the new single ‘Chaos’, a soulful bop that delivers on many levels. Known for her collaborations with the likes of Hot Since 82 while also currently recording with with CamelPhat and Leftwing:Kody, Liz has a background recording top lines for EDM which has seen her establish herself with regular national radio spot plays and millions of streams.

Moving away from dance music on her solo material and into soul-pop with elegance and ease, the new single ‘Chaos’ is atmospheric and airy while still managing to be catchy and dance-able. Opening with a phased vocal loop under Cass’s effortless, dreamy vocals, the track eases into it’s bond-eqsue chorus as a deep sub bass punches through the mist. This opening is an absolute advert for Liz’s vocal ability, totally intoxicating, riveting and pulling you into the track ahead of the ultra pleasing 1 minute drop where the tracks beat and funky bass brings ‘Chaos’ to life.

“If we are unwrite every line and ignore every sign, will be lost in this game? Are we blinded by the flames?”

Lyrically about being drawn to a love that’s bad for you, potentially damaging but is too exciting to ignore, the track is a pin point description of craving the chaos that come’s with a toxic relationship – Please note I have just finished watching Killing Eve, so I feel like this is written from Eve’s point of view *sorry about spoilers*.

‘Chaos’ is a stunning release and with a full 5 track EP on the way, it is sure to see Liz Cass establish herself as a household name in the coming months!

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