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Lexie Palms proves her songwriting abilities with latest release 'Can It Be Me'


Lexie Palms, the London-based Rn’B singer-songwriter and producer offers out her gorgeous debut single Can It Be Mereleased on the 31st of July. Determined to make a lasting impact in the industry, Can It Be Me is an exceptionally strong starting base for this budding musician. 

Originating from the sunny, coastal town of Porto, Portugal, it’s easy to see where Lexie gets some of her inspiration for her music. Can It Be Me begins with a slow buildup of smooth, billowing synth lines followed by gentle piano chords and what almost sounds like a distant ocean breeze approaching, just before her sultry whispery vocals kick in.

The instrumental itself perfectly encapsulates the gentle, calming movement of the ocean whilst the lyrics relay the constant ebb and flow of life’s phases of certainty and uncertainty, mimicking the ocean’s tides. When describing the meaning and the message behind her song, Lexie explains that:

Can It Be Me was the first track I made after taking a one-year break in songwriting and producing. That was straight after I graduated from university and the stress of constantly trying to figure out what would come next in my career got the best of me.

Can It Be Me’ marked a shift in that mindset and unlocked a feeling of hope and desire to go further with my music. It’s about realising that when you’re hungry for more and really do it just for pure enjoyment and happiness, that’s when you start moving forward. “At the same time, ‘Can It Be Me’ connects my love and longing for the ocean with my home Leça da Palmeira and Porto, which remain very present in my music.”

Despite still being relatively early in her career, Can It Be Me has proven that this young artist has a seasoned hand in songwriting and the vocal ability to match. Having spent the majority of the past year performing in and around London, Lexie Palms is ready and raring to go with several releases set for the remainder of the year, all leading up to her debut EP ‘Midstream.’

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