Lemfreck: BBC Introducing One to Watch for 2021 Expresses the Motivation Behind the New Single Falling.

Urban storyteller Lemfreck releases new single Falling April 1st, 2021, a melancholic and melodic grime artist originally from Wales, often compared to artists such as Childish Gambino, Skepta and Pa Salieu, the rapper lets us into the journey behind the uplifting transition from the 2019 Sinners Vol 1 EP, to the ripened artist of today with new track Falling. With a mixed bag of inspiration, from UK rap artists like Kano to funk-rock and soul artists Prince, Lemfreck inspires the need for versatility and emotive depth within his approach to music that resonates with his fans. Recently named as BBC Introducing One to Watch, and with a growing fan base on social media, Lemfreck continues to develop his sound with both purpose and passion, giving into the vulnerable sides that grime has to offer. Lemfeck poses a mix of modern UK rap and classical originality with a fusion of gritty and gospel essences within both his music and his story.

Hi Lemfreck, could you tell us a little bit about your early music, where and how did it all start?

Hola, Thank you for having me! I think the first track I made was when I was around 8 or 9 at a camp called Gilwern with school, there was a little IT day and I went on fruity loops and messed about. I probably didn’t start making things to be heard by other people until I was around 16 or 17 in school. I made Grime instrumentals, then my first track was a singing track and it was a rip off of SZA.

How different was it growing up in Wales on the grime scene in comparison to places like London or Birmingham?

Stupid different. It was such a massive part of my area, the rappers would be famous. People in school would clash on the playground every day, playing instrumentals on their phone, but then away from that, that’s all it was. No one ever took us seriously, there were no opportunities to thrive in it. It was almost looked down on by other genres and any attempt to host a show was shut down by councils etc, so I went to Bristol to grow.

What’s the name of the new single, and how does it compare to some of your previous music?

The new single is called Falling. I’ve always been an artist that likes to split myself down the middle, where I love the outlet that being able to sing on a track brings. I also need the pure rawness of being able to spit and rap. I’ve split my tracks 50/50 this year. Falling kind of picks up from my earlier stuff, and I think it has the gritty depth and realness I’ve always pushed, but has moved on with it’s themes. For example, I’d previously talked about love in a very negative light in every song of mine, as that’s how I saw it, but now I don’t so my tone has changed a lot.

Will there be any accompanying music videos to the new single? If so, tell us a little bit about the vision?

I think it’s a miss. There’s a quote by Einstein where he says something like ‘madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’. That’s all I can say about the video.

I find your music particularly moving and melodic in some ways as well as gritty, could you tell us a little bit about your Sinners EP in particular, and where the emotion behind it came from?

I was in a bad way, I think I just lost my job you know, I also lost a friend and my uncle that month too. I was deep into nihilism/depression and I think I only released it as a nothing to lose moment. I had no plan of releasing music after the single ‘Sinners’, and that was it for me. I was calling it a day, and then all that happened I was in a terrible way and the only thing I could do was consume myself in making music, and the Sinners EP was born.

I read that your influences include artists like Kano and D Double E, but also Stevie Wonder and Prince, how do you correlate these influences in your music?

It’s the art of storytelling for me. All of these are incredible storytellers, so I try to do that the best I can. Everything in my music life has been worked on so I can be this. Not many people know that I’m blessed to play a few instruments, but I also have a degree in English Literature, both have allowed me to be a better storyteller.

Are you signed to any labels? And if not, are you working to be, or are you thriving as an independent artist?

Thriving or surviving? haha. I’m fully independent. All of my visuals are me, all of my photos are me, and all of my music is me. I enjoy it as it’s never a job, and I don’t worry about how I’m going to sell it or where my next cheque is coming from. I’m just actually really happy as an indie artist, but obviously if a label wants to give me Dua Lipa money then I’m going to ride!

How has grime shaped you as a person as well as a musician?

I’ve lived it and it has taught me a lot! Mainly that you should always do what you think is best, and to work hard and that one day it will happen for you, and if it doesn’t, at least you won’t have the regret of not doing what you want. The grime/UK rap scene at the moment is incredible. The biggest thing in the UK at the moment, and it’s a result of people working hard and being outstandingly resilient.

Are there any artists (well known or not) that you hope to work with in the future?

I’m using this to manifest. Obviously you have the big hitters like Kano, Ghetts but Jai Paul and James Blake would be top of the list. I really think I could make something incredible with them.

And lastly, what are your goals and next steps you plan to take in your musical career?

World dominance always. Haha, no to be honest I get messages in my Dm’s sometimes about how a track did something for someone and I want that. Always.

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