TORONTO, CANADA (November 20, 2020) - Dan Hill is set to release a new single, and accompanying lyric video titled ‘What About Black Lives?’ November 20, 2020. Dan recently completed a 15-song album, “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HERE”, to be released February 2021 on Sun and Sky Records, distributed by Warner Music/ ADA – his first album in eleven years.

“What About Black Lives?” takes us directly and powerfully to the heart of the matter. Dan recalls as a teenager in the ‘60s, the feeling of being an outsider as a member of a bi-racial family, in conservative Toronto.  Neighbours were not very kind to the Hill family and made efforts to keep their street very white.

In 1978, Dan Hill’s first international hit, “Sometimes When We Touch” became an instant classic. “Sometimes…” earned more than four million spins in America alone, making it one of the most played pop songs of all time. 

Through the next three decades, Dan earned five Junos (the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy) and a Grammy nomination, and wrote hits for international superstars, including The Back Street Boys, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, Barry Manilow, Alan Jackson and Tina Turner. In 1997, Dan won a Grammy Award for his contribution to Celine Dion’s album Falling Into You, which won Album of the Year.

Intimate was released in March 2010. The album featured new songs such as the CD’s lead track “(Don’t Tell Me) How I Feel” and versions of his hit songs recorded by other artists.

Many of Dan’s songs have been inspired by his family history and his relationship with his father. He has completed a memoir about that experience, entitled I Am My Father’s Son (a Story of Love and Forgiveness). Dan’s book, published by Harper Collins, earned exceptional reviews.

Currently, Hill divides his time between writing and recording songs and prose, in addition to writing several feature articles for leading publications such as Macleans Magazine, The Globe and Mail and the Wall Street Journal.