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Lauren Lakis ‘Daughter Language’ Album Review

Lauren Lakis goes deeper into dark rock territory with an introspective affair.

Lauren Lakis ‘Daughter Language’ Album Review
Shoegaze meets dream pop artist Lauren Lakis returns with a nine song album set around intense existential themes. Lakis delves into subconscious programming, inherited trauma, religious destruction and healing in this impressive rock release.
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Los Angeles based Lauren Lakis returns with a new album entitled Daughter Language.  In the nine-track release, Lakis delves deeper into her dark rock roots with haunting melodies that are intense, provocative yet still approachable and enjoyable. Daughter Language is the first album in nearly three years with Lakis releasing a flurry of singles since then.

The highlight of the album is the stunning shoegaze single “We’ll Be Fine”.  The track is a hopeful reminder to anyone out there going through a tough time, that there is healing ahead. With reverb-heavy guitars, confident vocals and a chorus that is best described as dynamic, “We’ll Be Fine” radiates. Then there is “Fear of God” featuring punchy power chords, heavy drums, and echoing vocals reminiscent of 90s grunge rock. The single details how religion can impart destructive judgment and guilt on believers.

While most of the album is more than listener worthy, a couple tracks lull including “Run to You”, which seems to drag a bit. Overall Lakis has achieved a sound that is familiar yet powerfully evocative and new.  For fans who cherish the hidden dark corners in their homes, introspective candlelit evenings and rock records of the 90s, Lakis’s Daughter Language is a welcoming musical adventure.

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