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Laurel Smith ‘Out the Cage’ Track Review

North London’s Laurel Smith returns with her latest self-written single

Back with yet another tantalisingly dark-pop anthem, North London’s Laurel Smith returns with her latest self-written single. Aptly named ‘Out the Cage’, the track is heavily inspired by Laurel’s love of vintage, martial arts films and modern video games, specifically the spontaneity and recklessness that fuels their virtual worlds.

Sticking to her winning recipe of moody, dark, electro-pop production paired with effortlessly edgy tales of narrative lyricism, ‘Out the Cage’ was penned by Laurel to be interpreted in whichever way the listener deemed fit, although her own interpretation is rather dark and bursting with imagination.

Speaking on her release, Laurel Smith shares:

“‘Out The Cage’ is a song about breaking out from your constraints, both physical and mental. Although it can be interpreted in any way, when I wrote it I created a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to be a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement” 

Returning to her distinctive, eerie, electro-pop sound for ‘Out the Cage’, Laurel Smith seamlessly blends old and new music and film/video game references to create a dark and mysterious alternate reality.  With a penchant for narrative songwriting, Laurel’s music is intentionally provocative, drawing you into her surreal world of video games, Kung-Fu films and old Hollywood glamour in which she is the main protagonist. Laurel Smith’s art doesn’t cease at her music capabilities and it’s becoming ever clearer, that Laurel’s is one to watch in the coming years.