KYRI ‘Waves’ EP Review

London-based artist breathes life into his beautiful new EP

After the release of his previous singles ‘Red River’ and ‘Sanctuary’, London-based artist KYRI found himself riding a wave of acclaim. With numerous outlets and publications keen to jump on the bandwagon these last few months, the singer and songwriter now looks to cement his legacy so far with the release of his new EP ‘Waves’.

The original press release makes note that these songs all began as simple piano compositions, and that is clear from the very start on here. It feels as if every track focuses firmly on the keys and KYRI’s powerful vocals, and then adds all the rich and textured production into his work, creating a succinct and progressive listen throughout. The previously released offerings, alongside the new lead single ‘Internet’, all have this otherworldly feel about them, as if he is reaching deep down into his sound and discovering something new about him each and every time.

Waves’ may only be five tracks long, but there is something so captivating about it, you feel as if it has been playing for over an hour. It has this way of getting right under your skin and delivering an ethereal mix of emotion and sweeping pleasure that is rarely seen in the fledgling alt-RnB scene of late.

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