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Kitty Montague Is Giving a Melodic Middle Finger In Her New Track “Bad Boy”

Kitty Montague’s new track “Bad Boy” is the essential power anthem you need on standby.

Offering a melodic middle finger, Alt-Pop songstress, Kitty Montague’s new track “Bad Boy” is the essential power anthem you need on standby.

The emerging singer-songwriter fuses savvy pop sensibilities and vocal melodies drenched with soul influences. Her new single “Bad Boy” follows on from “Yellow Lines” which drew the attention of BBC Introducing, Sofar Sounds, The Dominic King Show for BBC Radio Kent, and even This Morning’s Ben Sheppard. 

With no shortage of sass, the singer-songwriter shrugs off toxic relationships and any notion of second chances in her latest single “Bad Boy”. Using dynamic productions, angular melodic patterns and beautiful layering Kitty captures the attention of listeners from the very first moment of the song.

Filled with affirmations of self-belief, she sings about putting your worth first, taking yourself by the hand and not looking back, Kitty explains, “I wrote this song during an extremely significant shift in my life. I had just left a very male orientated company which completely opened my eyes to the everyday sexism and objectification that women face. It was my gateway into feminism, and I started to question everything including my relationships. I realised how much of myself, and my worth, I had been compromising to avoid being lonely.  ‘Bad Boy’ was written during this pivotal period, where the narrative of my writing also changed from being heartbroken, to being empowered”

Her honest, open and provocative writing poetically exposes an empathetic understanding of the human condition – universally relatable situations, emotions and complexities especially those regarding feminism. Her arresting talent has led her to recent accomplishments such as supporting Gabrielle Aplin for Banquet Records. Though the live music scene is currently paused, it has not stopped the London based artist from connecting with her audience as she continues to serenade through virtual gigs and live streams sessions, teaming up with the likes of DiscovrTV, The Sunflower Lounge, Write Like A Girl and TalentBanq.

With the promise of more sophisticated, empowering tracks a like, the budding artist is already turning heads in the music space.

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