Kinstrife announce release of album ‘Fools & Monsters’ on 5 March

Hereford-based rockers Kinstrife have announced the release of their album 'Fools & Monsters' on 5 March 2021.

KinStrife was formed in 2013 by Alan Kaye and Dave Richards. Mike Hoskins was recruited at the start, with Simon Richards joining in 2017.

Simon is no relation to Dave, however he and Alan knew each other from college days. After a chance encounter years later, the pair found themselves with much in common. Simon attended a couple of KinStrife gigs just prior to the original drummer announcing his wish to leave the band to pursue other ventures. Simon was asked along to practice and has now earned himself a permanent spot in the band.

Alan is the lead guitarist and has a role in writing the music along with the rest of the band. Drawing from his influences of his early years, you can possibly hear a touch of Ozzy, Skid Row and Guns and Roses. KinStrife has finally made a home for some of the Riffs he created in those early years.

Dave is a like-minded guy with a love of music and has a knack for creating superb Bass Riffs along with excellent timing. He is the elder of the band but apparently there is a question mark whether he is the most mature!

Mike not only plays an array of instruments, but he also commands that deep, unmistakable voice of the band giving KinStrife that strong melodic sound. He also writes the lyrics to the songs. The title of the album, Fools & Monsters, is a line taken from one of the songs he wrote, which is a stark reminder of some of the pitfalls within the music industry.

Made up from their previous 7 releases and 5 unheard tracks, Fools & Monsters gives you an insight to this very talented band. Strong Riffs, excellent solos, a solid backline and outstanding vocals all come together and creates a chemistry which only really great bands have. A strong contender for NWOCR Album of the year.

The track listing for Fools & Monsters is ...

  1. Intervention
  2. Make me
  3. Cursed
  4. Fear
  5. Devil’s Call
  6. Get Away
  7. Unconditional
  8. Bombs
  9. Rise and Fall
  10. Slow And Easy
  11. Any Given Day
  12. Stick With Me

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