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Kerri Watt

Kerri Watt is a highly respected singer-songwriter from Glasgow. She has opened for Keith Urban and played at the Country 2 Country Festival, Glastonbury, Kew The Music and British Summer Time. She recently featured in Hello! Magazine’s ‘Rising Stars of 2021’. Kerri has just released her debut album ‘Neptune’s Daughter’

Thanks for taking time to talk to us today. Have you had good day so far?

Hey! No problem, yea it’s a very snowy morning here in Scotland so I’m looking forward to heading out for a wintery walk this afternoon.

How did you approach writing for your new album ‘Neptune’s Daughter’?

After quite a few years of touring and releasing EP’s, I decided it was time to sit down and write a body of work. I spent 2 months hanging out in my kitchen just me and my guitar, writing over 30 songs for the album – plus a handful of co-writes with some of my favourite collaborators. At the time I had so much to write about, I had just moved back to Scotland after years of living away and was adjusting to the change from city life. I’d recently lost a couple of important people to me and contrastingly I was in a very happy relationship so there was loads of inspiration for lyrics. I eventually whittled down all those songs to my favourite few which ended up forming the album.

What are your memories of working with legendary producer ‘Machine’?

Just an absolute blast. The time spent in Austin, Texas at Machine’s big barn studio is a real moment in time for me that I don’t think I’ll forget any time soon. I was there during a very hot summer, I had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible local session players and we just spent those couple of months making magic. Machine has a real talent in bringing a group of musicians together and turning their ideas into something brilliant. He’s a big personality, loads of fun and very caring. Working with him and the rest of the players just felt like a big group of friends hanging out, having fun and making something exciting.


Please tell us the story behind the single ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’

At the time of writing that song, I was thinking a lot about my life and future. I was ready to embark on an exciting career in music but also thinking about another important life dream of mine – starting a family. The lyrics really just illustrate my mental narrative at the time about my potential future as a mother and how I could balance that with a successful career in music.

You have made some really fun videos, which one is your favourite and why?

Ahh, love them all for different reasons! Kissing Fools was extra fun for me because the pressure was off as a performer and I could dive into the creative side. The video features 12 really talented kids playing high schoolers at a disco. I costumed all the kids and designed the set for the video using some 90’s memorabilia from my parents’ loft. I have a creative hand in all the videos and always make/find my own outfits so doing that on a larger scale for Kissing Fools was a challenge I loved!

5 things that make Glasgow special to you might include
  • The architecture – whenever I have friends visit from the US, they just love to walk around checking out the Cathedral, Glasgow Uni, Kelvingrove etc. And I never get bored of it either!
  • The ‘Italian Stallion’ sandwich from Il Cappuccino on Great Western Road.
  • The music culture. There are venues on every corner, buskers on every street and the history of the great music that was born and bred here embedded in our hearts.
  • Friendly faces. The biggest and most welcome change moving back from London to Glasgow was the community feel in the streets. People say hello, smile at you in passing and it’s not weird to strike up a conversation with a total stranger.
  • How a city as vibrant and exciting as Glasgow is also so close to some of the most beautiful mountains, lochs and scenery. You can easily appreciate both in a day! And I often do.


You spent time living in America, how has that influenced you and your songs?

I spent some real time living in Southern California – Nashville and Austin were ‘extended stays’ to work on music but each place gave me it’s on perspective on music and culture. That’s what I found exciting traveling around the US, how different each city and state is from the next. The road trips I’ve taken around the US have definitely informed my lyrics and the easy breezy driving feel of a lot of the songs – a la Sheryl Crow. Recording the album in Austin meant getting the opportunity to work with some incredible local talent who brought their own Texan flare to the groove which I think is part of the magic of the record.

What has kept you entertained during lockdown?

Quite a lot actually! Between live streams and releasing EP’s, I got really busy in the garden, planting and building. I’ve hiked in the hills most days of the past year and also taken a couple of online science courses.


What are your hopes for 2021?

My dream is that the album is well received, heard by lots and lots of ears. I’d love to do a small headline tour in the Autumn, restrictions permitting and I’m trying to plan my wedding 🙂

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If you had to choose, would you pick…

Wit or wisdom               Wisdom

CD or cassette                 CD

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Shortbread or salmon                            Shortbread

Sheena Easton or Sharleen Spiteri      Sharleen Spiteri

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