Keir ‘Say Love’ Track Review

Emerging talent Keir has returned with his latest single 'Say Love'.

Hailing from Bristol Keir, an emerging singer-songwriter, has released another hauntingly beautiful and intimate ballad ‘Say Love’, serving as the last from his new E.P. A Thorn With A Face. Despite his youthful age, Keir has yet again proved he is wise beyond his years with this deeply moving and polished track.

Boasting some of his most heartfelt lyrics, ‘Say Love’ is a shining example of the delicate beauty that Keir infuses throughout all of his music. The combination of rock drum beats that would feel at home within the largest of arena and the ethereal guitar melodies Keir has forged an enchanting soundscape within ‘Say Love’. Showcasing his song writing talents, Keir has distilled his every emotion into this new track.

When asked about the meaning behind ‘Say Love’ Keir remarked; “‘Say Love’ is a story of forgiveness, it’s hard to describe really. Life doesn’t always work out how you planned, to experience love even in fragments though, is really a beautiful thing.”

Combining influences from multiple genres and eras, Keir is forging his own way within the modern pop music scene, creating a sound and sense of feeling in his music that is entirely his own. Having amassed over 330,000 streams on Spotify for his last single ‘Rose’, Keir is sure to surpass this with the atmospheric and deeply moving ‘Say Love’.

Released via Universal Music Group Berlin on 13th November 2020.

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