Key Changes

Julie Harrington ‘Passion Led Us Here’ EP Review

Julie Harrington releases her debut solo EP via Key Changes

Having worked for years alongside award winning artists including Elton John and David Gilmore, London based singer/songwriter Julie Harrington capably takes the spotlight on her debut EP ‘Passion Led Us Here’.

With the assistance of mental health charity and record label Key Changes, ‘Passion Led Us Here’ stands as a testament to Julie not only conquering her struggle with anxiety and depression, but as a highlight of her own personal growth, enabling her to step out of the shadows of other artists and competently make her mark as a solo artist.

‘Passion Led Us Here’ acts as an exploration of a range of themes, from the grievous damage being done to the planet, to her own path to recovery over the years. The EP uses frequent upbeat melodies craftily juxtaposing the earnest, solemn messages Julie delivers through her sultry vocal lines.

‘Wake Up’ functions as an exemplary opener to the EP, proficiently showcasing Julie’s signature guileless, layered vocals, elevated by Jasper Wilde’s (French Original) masterfully timeless pop melodies.

With the exception of ‘Fascinate’, which stands out as the most diverse track through adopting velvety funk instrumentals, the remainder of ‘Passion Led Us Here’ sticks to the formula established through ‘Wake Up’, resulting in a strong collection of contemporary pop music.

‘Silence Breaker’, the final track, strips back the instrumentation and reduces the tempo, thus enabling Julie’s vocals to shine through at their strongest and most vulnerable, providing a remarkable close to the EP filled with raw emotion.

‘Passion Led Us Here’, as a whole comfortably fits within the zeitgeist of modern pop music, sticking closely to its formulaic composition. However, it is Julie’s stirring vocals, paired with her lachrymose lyricism that effectviely gives these tracks their individuality within the genre.