JJ Draper ‘Part Of A Piece Of This’ Track Review

JJ Draper Share The Explosive New Single 'Part Of A Piece Of This'

Coming just after his recent 4 track EP ‘The Theft And The Flight’, an EP demonstrating JJ Draper’s more delicate, Sufjan Stevens-esque side, the new single ‘Part of a Piece of This’ see’s Draper let loose, a driving single with bursts of distortion that yet still retains his thoughtful, emotional complexity.

Written about a fall out with previous management and a re-evaluation of everything he was working on at the time, ‘POAPOFT’ ebbs and flows gently, contrasting warm and plucky guitars, and piano with his soft yet scorning vocals, gently bouncing over it’s muted beat before breaking into sporadic bursts of fuzzy distorted breaks of guitar. As if to emphasise he level of confusion and frustration in Draper’s vocal take, these little bursts of raw, fuzzy emotion act as a sense of release to the otherwise quite restrained mood of the track; the track is a living breathing expression of JJ’s mood at feeling down muted and in some ways betrayed.

The London based solo artist has made a name for himself over the past few years: gaining millions of streams, supporting the likes of fellow lover of all things melancholy Rhye and gaining acclaim from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Demonstrating just what an exciting talent he is, ‘Part of a Piece of This’ shows Draper to be a hugely talented songwriter with a gift for creating moody soundscapes. Similar to that of Bon Iver, Nick Mulvey and Bibio, there’s no doubt that his already glowing catalogue will continue to grown with more beautiful soundscapes.