Jihae shares new dream pop track ‘Utopia’

Jihae returns with etheral pop release 'Utopia'

An artist whose exceptional talent spans far beyond just her music, Jihae’s attention to detail is what makes her so intriguing across her array of platforms. Having spent her childhood travelling the world and becoming immersed in the cultures she came across, she returns with a striking new single in the form of ‘Utopia’, which is a perfect example of her enticing expertise.

Creating a floaty soundscape with shimmering synths and a subdued beat, Jihae’s angelic vocals echo above the melody, her words alluring and refined. The track, which was established alongside Didi Gutman, Shahzad Ismaily, Avi Bortnick and Dave Harrington, came from a place that the multi-faceted musician found solace in throughout the pandemic, quoting “I spent 16 months working on Utopia, writing and rewriting determined to make it uplifting. The process helped me pick myself off the ground. I hope the song can shed light for those feeling a lot of dark these days & the message of love & unity can calm the climate of hate & division. The theme of the song is coming together to care for one another as the realization of a utopian dream, a positive projection of our existential limbo”.

A seasoned actress and record label founder, Jihae is equally dedicated to each of her crafts, with roles on HBO’s hit show ‘Succession’ and Peter Jackson’s ‘Mortal Engines’. After the success of her previous album ‘Illusion of You’, ‘Utopia’ has been highly anticipated, and it certainly more than delivers.

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