Jelena Ćirić marries Joni Mitchell and Regina Spector on new single, ‘Lines’

The track is taken from her debut Shelters One EP which follows on November 27th - out via Icelandic label, Paradís Sessions.

Reykjavík-based singer-songwriter Jelena Ćirić today releases her debut single ‘Lines’.

Music is the raft that carries Jelena Ćirić on the shifting currents of home and identity. The long-lost child of Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell, her expressive voice and delicate piano highlight lyrics delving into what it might feel like to belong.

Her debut EP, Shelters One is an intimate collection of 4 songs, each its own musical “shelter” carefully crafted as a temporary haven for processing emotion. The piano-led pop songs are imbued with a warm, folky sound thanks to accompanying accordion and viola. Thoughtful and spacious arrangements put Jelena’s ethereal vocals and storytelling prowess centre stage.

“If emotions were gems, these songs would be an attempt to pick them up carefully and turn them until they refract the light,” says Jelena…

The first single, ‘Lines’ seeks answers to big questions in the most unlikely places. Jelena calls ‘In Time’ a mantra that love can triumph over distance. Next up is ‘Concrete’ – a tongue-in-cheek (but very serious) response to the common refrain of “get a real job” that all artists are familiar with. Finally, the EP closes with ‘Loughbreeze’, inspired by the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada. “It’s about letting go of the expectations of others in order to reconnect with the essential things,” says Jelena.

Born in Serbia and raised in Canada, Jelena was nourished by the rich melodies of her homeland and bewitched by the song writing tradition of her adopted home.  After studying music in Spain and a couple years in Mexico, she settled in Iceland, where she found a supportive musical community more focused on creating than labelling itself. Jelena Ćirić’s songs burn bright and as slow as a candle.

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