Jazzy Mejia and Baer Smash Through an Xbox in New Music Video

"Xbox" is the second music video to come off of Jazzy Mejia's EP SEVEN24

Jazzy Mejia’s vocals and powerful presence speak for themselves in her new music video for “Xbox.” All dressed up with nowhere to go, Jazzy gives off glowing goddess energy that draws the gaze of anyone within a 20-foot radius. But sadly, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to get the memo. Emotionally attached to his video games, he fails to give Jazzy the TLC she deserves and forces her to take matters into her own hands. Let’s just say that we can neither confirm nor deny that a TV is epically smashed with a baseball bat. 

Featuring Taiwanese rapper BAER, the “Xbox” music video tells the age-old romance between men, their significant others, and their video games. Especially during the time of COVID, it’s a love triangle that can feel doubly frustrating. Jazzy skillfully channels her aggression through her effortless vocals, which are paired with a smooth guitar instrumental and beat. BAER makes the song even more addictive with the addition of her witty, striking rap during the bridge. It’s safe to say that the two artists blend their talents into one soulful track, producing a perfect balance of sugar and spice (with no need to play nice)! 

Jazzy Mejia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in a multicultural family with musical roots. Music has always been a part of her life. Having watched her sister, Natalie Mejia’s winning performance on the television show Girlicious at the age of 12 inspired her to start her own female vocal group. She has been in girl groups such as N2ition, LT3, Mejia, and G.R.L., and has toured all over the world before finding her own sound and becoming a solo artist.