Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann ‘What Makes You Think’ Track Review

Introducing UK Musician & Songwriter Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann has just released her recent single ‘What Makes You Think’ and it’s magical…

Jay Moussa-Mann first came to our attention with the release of her incred album ‘Little Deaths’ in 2019. A unique blend of folk and pop, this collection of 13 tracks was and still is real food for the soul. Our particular favourite song off that album was opening track ‘Evil Cassette Tape’. This is about ruined friendships and relationships, the artist often wishing they could rewind their life to change the course of events. The song even features a sample of a cassette player opening and closing, forming part of the song’s beat.

Jay is not only a songwriter and vocalist, but a music producer too, producing all of her own tracks. Her latest single release is ‘What Makes You Think’ which comes from her upcoming album entitled ‘The Breakup Album’ which drops later this year.

‘What Makes You Think’ has elements of ‘Little Deaths’ yet showcases Jay’s ever-evolving talent for songwriting and her ability to repeatedly tell new stories through her music. This is a wistful look at a broken-down relationship, with the dawning realisation that the other person never really loved you. Set against the backdrop of 2020, the song carries more weight when you realise it isn’t about one breakup – it’s about breaking up with the whole world.

Jay’s single ‘What Makes You Think’ is out now to stream and download on all major platforms.