Jared Feinman releases video for new single ‘Inside A Reverie’

Taken from his debut ‘Love Is An Obstacle’ album

Songwriter, Pianist and Singer Jared Feinman today releases his new single ‘Inside A Reverie’.  It comes from his just released debut album ‘Love Is An Obstacle’.  Described by Wonderland as “Sweeping strings and dramatic piano keys … a devastating journey of love and loss”, ‘Inside A Reverie’ is a dreamy look back on love, with its own gorgeous instrumental prelude. “It’s not simply unrequited love––that aftermath of being caught up in the daydream of a person who meant a lot to you,” Jared says, trailing off. “I wrote this in a fragile place.”

The album features twelve original compositions highlighting Jared’s lyrical vulnerability, perfect pitch, and expressive piano audiences have come to expect joined by sophisticated ensemble arrangements and bold dashes of theatricality. The effect is sometimes invigorating, sometimes haunting––and always accomplished. Mixed by Grammy winning engineer Frank Filipetti, Love Is an Obstacle was written, arranged and produced by Jared himself.

Talking about the themes and inspiration behind the album ‘Love Is an Obstackle’, he explains “My debut album has been in the trenches for the past few hundred years. One never knows precisely when art will emerge. However, I expect Love Is an Obstacle will arrive at midnight on February 12th, 2021,”.

“What’s different about this album, is that it encompasses four clusters, not simply sides, of like-minded tracks.  Within these clusters, you will find various perspectives on the human condition, including some deeply personal and bold stories.”

“Herein lies an amalgamation of ‘murder ballads,’–songs so intense and dramatic they can murder one to their core.  These murder ballad anthems I’ve written––people who have really gone through something have needed them. I sense that.”

“Between dropping out of college for an uncertain path in music, a tough breakup, and losing a best friend to a tragic accident, I needed these songs and still do.  Sometimes people need to cry it out. This album gives us all permission to do so.”