James Boston

James Boston ‘Bounce Back (feat. Rockie Fresh)’ track review

California native James Boston has dropped ‘Bounce Back’, alongside Rockie Fresh.

Filled with slick beats and heaps of personality, James Boston’s new track will get you moving.  Incorporating a truthful narrative that aims to empower, James shows his adept skills at penning lyrics whilst pulling together some slick production. With an overall playful feel, the single evokes a sense of fun on the surface whilst tapping into James’ personal life experiences in the lyricism. Assured and to the point, James resembles hip-hop icons J. Cole, Mac Miller and Drake. 

The 25 year old independent artist released his first two projects in 2013 and 2015 (‘The Struggle’ & ‘The Struggle Part 2’), he has constantly been improving his sound over the last few years. With a sterling catalogue and a lot to offer, be sure to watch out for his next releases.