j.pastel ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ Track Review

J.pastel reveal ‘Strawberry Lemonade’, the second single from their upcoming, debut EP

The electro-pop pairing formed by Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce is set for stardom judging by the strength of their first single, ‘Senegal’. Their introductory track was a hit with their ever-expanding fanbase and even caught the attention of top music sites like When the Horn Blows, The Most Radicalist and Music Crowns! 

Now, with the second instalment from their EP, the dynamic duo offers a very on-brand, chilled-out, electro-pop number. It’s filled with intricate guitar sequences and gentle drums and, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’, similarly to ‘Senegal’, is quite a cutesy song, it’s littered with sentimental, loving lyrics and a delicate, romantic mood. ‘Senegal’ and ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ are an incredibly strong set of starting singles for the two Chicago natives. They vary in tempo and style but are equally intimate, romantic songs and each perfectly demonstrates j.pastel’s powerful artistic range and penchant for creating love songs drenched in a dreamy pop atmosphere.