Ivan Makvel

Ivan Makvel ‘How You Make Me Feel’ Track Review

Ivan Makvel Brings The Feel-Good With New Release

Italian songwriter and producer Ivan Makvel proves to be quite an unstoppable force with his new release, ‘How You Make Me Feel’, sending a shockwave across the electronic and funk realm.

It starts with an overture that takes the listener well away from their surroundings into a place where only relaxed and smooth vibes exist. Ivan then gets the groove train in motion with a cadence that even the listeners’ sternest will struggle to hold back.

The vocals are slightly different from what you may expect, given that they are not very orthodox and the norm for funk. But, they work, and they give the track a unique edge. As a result, they arrive with a heavy robotic effect, proving that Ivan gets a lot of influence musically from some of the electronic space’s greatest names.

Throughout the track, many sounds give the soundscape a full and flavoursome texture. Moreover, Ivan unleashes a synth melody that takes a hint from the new-wave era, yet it still sounds prevalent today. Likewise, the layering of instruments in the backend gives the track a deep foundation with an irresistible warmth.

Overall, ‘How You Make Me Feel’ is the summer banger that we all need in our lives right about now. The endorphin rush, which it creates, also promotes hope and a chance to leave the last year we have all had behind.

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