Israeli ‘Real Boy’ Izakman shares his views on music, Pinocchio and ‘Floating Anarchy’

Israeli musician and award-winning animator Izakman (aka Itamar Isaak) released his second UK single ‘Real Boy’ on 9th October via SuArt. Izakman has already attracted the attention of his local music industry with his charismatic stage presence and enigmatic style.

Real Boy’ follows on from his debut UK single ‘Cyber Love’ and is the rock n roll version of Pinocchio, a story about growth and transformation towards self-fulfilment.  Israel is going through not only a health crisis but also through a financial-political, social and moral crises, which leads to a total loss of belief in the system and the media.  Izakman wishes to inspire and stimulate more optimism with his music. Real Boy was born of a genuine belief in oneself and is about coming out of darkness into light.

Izakman is part of a growing young underground music community called “Floating Anarchy.” The group has been active for two years, secretly running events all over the country that’s spread only by word of mouth.  Their festivals are independent and hippie in spirit and originated from a gathering in the woods with the first being named “02 Infinity”, where he performed to great success.  He continued to take part in other events and then volunteered to design and to decorate everything as well as doing the logo. That was also the first time he also took acid. Far out! We decided to find out more….

What made you decide on the stage name Izakman?

I’m often get nicknamed as Isaak, which is my surname. I was suggested to add Man to make it sound like a superhero.

What artists inspired you to become a musician and song writer?

I was heavily influenced by Syd Barrett. I think His attitude was pretty punk relatively for the psychedelic era. Also, George Harrison, Bowie and the lesser-known Daevid Allen all wrote imaginative but also meaningful songs.

If you could collaborate with anyone – living or dead- who would it be and why?

Hard to choose but If I had to pick one that would probably be Barrett, but in a functional state. I think He could have written so much more amazing songs if he hadn’t lost his mind so early.

Tell us about your current single ‘Real Boy’ – we hear it’s about Pinocchio – is that true?

Yep. I’m very intrigued by fairy tales. The good ones always stay relevant. Real Boy is not the only song inspired or even directly written about a famous folk tale.

The song is very retro and 60’s influenced and very ‘English’ – what inspired you to go for that sound?

I  grew up on the ’60s 70’s bands and their influence on me seems to be in the DNA of everything I write, even if I try to move away from it.

Is there an album on the way?

Yes I have an album ready and scheduled to be released on summer 2021. It took us nearly two years to make. The second half we recorded just recently during lockdown.

How have you been keeping under lockdown? Has it helped you be more creative?

I’ve done a few online performances and kept myself busy. I go to all the political demonstrations against our prime minister and the government. the fight brings hope and energy to keep going through these stressful times.

The world seems to be going through a tumultuous time at the moment – with Coronavirus of course- but also politically and socially too. What are your own thoughts and concerns right now?

There are two films that pretty much reflect my thoughts – The Social Dilemma and David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. I believe we must change in favour of the environment.

You’re part of a group that calls itself ‘Floating Anarchy’- what is it and what do you do?

It’s a group of friends that chose a lifestyle that’s closer to nature and embraces freedom over ambition. I very much connect to their spirit and their ability and courage to step aside from society’s comfort zone. We run music events in nature, where I also play with my band.

If you ruled the world what changes would you make?

I don’t want to rule anything, but I would defiantly want to have greener energy for a greener world and stop the exploitation of our planet in favour of a more sustainable lifestyle. And please also bring back vinyl albums to the mainstream, if it’s not too difficult.

What are your hopes and dreams for the next 12 months?

To play live. I dream of going on a European tour to promote the album.

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