Tom Flower

Isle Of Wight Psych-Pop Outfit, As We Leave Hark Back to Their Roots on New Single, ‘Stories We Tell’

The brand-new single is out now via Abbey Records.

Grounded by intimate sounds of a rich DIY aesthetic, ‘Stories We Tell’ sees the band retrace their youth to eulogise the happiest days of their lives. Illustrated by drowsy melodies and lo-fi textures, ‘Stories We Tell’ gloss over abiding memories, each forming an idyllic vison of retrospective passion and sentiment. Though a feel-good celebration of time past, it’s a wistful acknowledgement that the best days are behind them.

Frontman, Caine Entwistle: “It’s the sound of nostalgia, those little indulgent moments when you reminisce. Fond memories lost in time that you long to recreate but know, deep down, they are gone… but no amount of idealism or cynicism should impinge on trying to articulate those feelings. The wonderment of discovering ‘that record’ that changed your life, the carefree, naive attitude of youth, the jarring possibility that the best things have passed… it’s As We Leave dancing with the bittersweet nature of personal nostalgia, or in a less pretentious fashion, having a few beers and remembering the good old days.”

As We Leave are lifelong friends, all situated on the picturesque bay of Sandown on the Isle of Wight. Their music is awash with rural island heritage and wide-angled frames of rose-tinted nostalgia. Layers of sun-kissed Americana dazzle the edges of British vulnerability, with shared memories of school days and travelling the world all wound into the band’s rich and cohesive framework.