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INTRODUCING : Clarke&Carter

Clarke&Carter acoustic duo was formed in 2019 by Emilylouise Clarke and Louise Carter, both aged 21 from the United Kingdom, they were both wanting to perform to audiences from around the world. Vocalist Emilylouise and pianist Louise started to form an high-class acoustic act, where they personally selected music and songs from every genre and era, including many different styles from Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul. Taking inspiration from acts such as The Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele, Alicia Keys, Clarke&Carter created their own renditions of popular and well loved songs. After countless rehearsals and auditions, Clarke&Carter where overjoyed to announce they had been chosen to perform in luxury saloons onboard five star International cruises whilst being able to travel and perform around the world.  Clarke&Carter are thrilled to perform to large and international audiences, night after night and have been fortunate, to see astonishing places such as Japan, Italy, Dubai and Singapore.

In 2020, which like many, has been their most challenging year yet, Clarke&Carter decided to bring their beloved songs, to their new album Clarke&Carter Encore. The album includes 5 iconic cover songs and one special addition medley, all arranged in an acoustic style by themselves, with stunning vocals and melodic piano, Clarke&Carter definitely perform these most loved songs with ounces of justice. Their debut album is now out on all major online streaming platforms, and has since had airplay on Brighton Reverb Radio station. Clarke&Carter are hoping that they can go back to doing what they love and get back to performing and traveling the world. They are also hoping to release further music towards the end of the year and of course continue to promote Encore to a wider audience.

How did Clarke&Carter form?

Emilylouise Clarke 21 years at the time, had been working onboard international cruise ships since she was 18, within production and party bands. However, she had always wanted to form her own acoustic piano/vocal duo, but wasn’t quite sure of how to go around doing this.

Louise Carter also 21, graduated from the London College of Music in the summer of 2018, and spent several months at home applying and audition for jobs in the industry. 

In February 2019, Emily came across Louise’s Profile on an online musicians directory, sending a message to her, they started speaking and decided to meet up for a coffee in Covent Garden in London and discuss this opportunity further. It just happened that both of us wanted the same things, and we really seem to get on well together, which of course really helped things ( when we away together we are with each other 24/7 ) From this point onwards we had a few rehearsals, and we seemed to work effectively together, everything just seemed so easy and fell into place really. 

Why did we start music?

Both of us have been involved in music for over 10 years, it just something we have both grown up loving, it takes away the stresses and the lowest moments in life, helping our worries to take a backseat. We also both just love the feeling and the happiness that performing and being involved in music gives us, its just a great passion and skill to have, and we are beyond thrilled we get to do it as our full time jobs. 

How long have we been working on ship and where in the world have we travelled to?

Almost 2 years together, we have completed two long term contracts and have many more planned after the pandemic. This time last year just before restrictions came in around the world, we were lucky enough to complete a contract from Asia to Europe. Although some of the trip was restricted we did manage to see so many exotic places including, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, we have also been too many places around the Mediterranean including Italy, Greece and Croatia. 

What’s our favorite thing about working on ships?

No day is the same, always something going on, so many adventures and memories can be made when you wake up in a different part of the world every day. 

What do we love about performing and why do we perform?

The best thing about performing is entertaining and receiving positive feedback from the audience, we love it when they get involved. We also love getting dressed up and just being in that performance frame of mind, its a very elegant and amazing job to have. We perform for one reason and that is because we love it! 

Our favorite style of music?

We have such a large repertoire of music and we love playing all the genres we know, as the luxury of our job is that we get to choose what we play. However, we arrange our own medleys, which is where we put together around 8 songs from iconic artists and perform them as one song, we really love performing these on stage as its something we have created ourselves and they normally get a great reception.

Where do we get our inspiration from?

We take inspiration in our work from acts such as The Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele, Alicia Keys. 

What was the inspiration behind the debut album and why now was the right time to release it?

We have always talked about recording an album together as a duo but as we are away a lot we have never had the time before. We are devastated like many performers that our jobs have been put on pause, however during our time at home we decided to put this to good use and finally record our debut album. The inspiration behind it was to record an album of older, iconic songs that are not covered as often, and to bring these much loved songs back. We picked our favorite 5 songs and also one of our own medleys, we also took into consideration the songs that go down the best onboard ship, as we wanted our performance background to be a big part of the release. All of the songs were re arranged by us, in our acoustic, old school style, and are a refreshing new take on old, internationally famous songs. 

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