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INTRODUCING : 1708 Empire

1708 Empire studios is a Pittsburgh-based recording studio and record label. They have been in operation for about three years and have been busy producing music and content for local artists in the area.

They have three locations in Pittsburgh a studio in Atlanta and one in LA. The owner has a passion for music and giving people a path to success and get away from the pitfalls in life. He also
is determined to leave a legacy behind for his family and others. It is important to leave behind a legacy for future generations to follow, like a roadmap. In today’s confusing and conflicted world people often find themselves with no direction or path.

The importance of leaving a legacy allows others to understand that great things can be achieved through passion, determination, and a sense of community. We can’t do everything alone in the world. A legacy also is a beacon for those lost in the chaos of life.

1708 is a great organization that finds the hidden talent in the surrounding communities and can give anyone the starting push they need to propel themselves onto a better path. Along with their studios and label, 1708 also bases a media division that is handling the music video side of things with a podcast in the works.

They are also planning an expansion into creating venues that their artists can showcase their talents. As well there are new studios in the works. South Carolina and Miami are going to be the next locations for new recording studios.

1708 Empire is a rising company that has a mission to build a legacy of creativity and community. Be sure to follow them on social media for any and all updates of their journey because with the passion and family that makes the foundation for them there is no stopping them.


I fell in love with music as a kid. I was into Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. Around five or seven years old.


My dad played the guitar and the drums. Like I saidThe Jackson Five and Motown all the way up to Master P, but I didn’t really get heavily into music until the busi- ness side of things, so about three years ago. My family members are artists and engineers and I’m the investor and they get access to studios. So once I got the first studio I became attracted to it. I saw the energy and the vibe. I soon went from one studio in Pittsburgh to three different studios in three different states within two years. Now I have three studio locations in Pittsburgh, one studio location in Atlanta, and one location in Los Angles. I always had a dream of owning a record label. I figured if I can scout the talent for the label that’s why I have the East Coast, the South, and West Coast so I can bring all three regions of talent under one record label. From the studios came the record label and once the record label came 1708 Media came, that is the videography aspect for the record label. So I have 1708 Empire Studios then 1708 Empire Records and the 1708 Empire Media for the videos. I use my studio engineers for my label. I believe I can create my own Dr. Dre so why would I pay someone ten thousand when I can keep in it house and support my own people from within.


It was a dream first then I began to implement my plan. I got together with the people and basically made an order for the studio. We went and got a booth, the equipment design of the room. My studios are in my own buildings so that’s another plus. I own real estate and that
was another love of mine and it allowed me to put the studios on my own property. The challenges are small compared to the reward. Expanding my team would be the next big thing on my list.


1708 Empire is an address it’s my Grandma’s house. The house is located on the north side of Manchester, like five minutes away from the Casino. My logo is my Grandma’s house it’s where
I grew up and where all this is coming from it is like a legacy that I’m following and bringing to light.

When I see the logo and the house I see that I’m doing this for my dad, my dad passed when I was sixteen. That was tragic for me. My grandma passed a couple of Aunts and Uncles passed. Most all through drugs or street violence. I carry on the pain the heart and the suffering of my family and I’m trying to build a family legacy worldwide. That’s my push my drive to get this house, my neighborhood, and my family legacy out to the world. I got a story to tell, I have family members in jail right now, and when they get out there looking to join the label. This is everything to me I eat, sleep, and breathe it every day.

I have 1708 tatted on my back and on my arm since I was seventeen years old. My brother in LA is an engineer and an artist, I have a brother in Pittsburgh that is an artist. 1708 is a family-oriented thing.


My next studio location is going to be North Carolina and then going to Miami. Those are my future goals. I’m starting a podcast soon that is going to go hand in hand with the marketing of the label. The artist records music and shoots a video. They go from the studio to 1708 Media and I’m working on a promotional campaign next. So the podcast helps the artists promote their music and videos.

I want to keep the step in-house with the whole process of the artist, from the studio to the video, to the promotion of the album. I don’t want it to stop at the studio. I want to carry it on to the next step. Also, I have in mind an idea for venues. I want to purchase some old industrial property to open up venues in some open warehouse space for the artists to perform. Also to make back what we invested in the EP and make revenue to be split with the artist.


We have a website and anyone can contact us through there or any of our social media.


My advice is branding takes time, so if you’re branding a logo or a company you’ll want to take your time and make a five-year plan. Don’t quit. You want to leave a legacy and hustle for your last name. I want my last name to live on for decades or even centuries. Be dedicated to anything you can dream of you can do if you put your mind to it. Stay focused stay positive keep yourself surrounded by like-minded people. Do what is in your heart. Have a purpose in your life. If you don’t have a purpose you’re just breathing air.

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