INTERVIEW: Sitting Down With Kiss The Fish On Their New Single “Seeing Red”

Interview with Canadian Alt-Rock Band, KISS THE FISH

Made up of members Sam Skolrood (vocals), Evan Khodeir (lead guitar), Cory Scholtz (rhythm guitar), Kelby Gutz (bass), and Jacob Tessier (drums), Kiss the Fish united in Kingston from cities across Canada. KTF’s forthcoming single “Seeing Red” showcases their smooth grooves, heavy basslines, and virtuosic guitar solos, accentuated by mellow rhythm guitar and flares of brass. Their diverse sound features modern manifestations of old-school blues, classic rock and roll progression, and alternative rock.

The lead single “Never Street” their latest EP has garnered over 330K streams on Spotify to date, with a consistent 20K streams per month since it’s March 2019 release. KTF’s catalogue has been featured on over 6K user generated playlists to date. In their touring history, Kiss the Fish have opened for bands such as Sam Roberts Band (Oct 2018), Valley (Nov 2018), and to a sold out crowd with Busty and the Bass (Apr 2019). In their own headlining tours, Kiss the Fish have sold out many shows, including their shows at Live on Elgin in Ottawa (May 2019, Feb 2020), The Cameron House in Toronto (Feb 2020), and many additional hometown shows in Kingston.

Today, we’re excited to share our interview with them regarding “Seeing Red” and where the guys are off to next.

Hey guys! Just wanted to start this off with a quick introduction of everyone. How did you guys meet?

Hey, thanks for having us!  We met about 5 years ago when Cory, Sam, and I lived in the same residence building. Cory and I would jam frequently so we always had that level of familiarity with each other’s playing. After I started studying music in university, I was eager to apply what I had been learning so I asked the boys if they wanted to start up a band and it went from there!  We started writing an original setlist and looking for a drummer and a bassist, which we eventually found and it all came together about 3 years ago now. 

“Seeing Red” is truly a great track, love the stylings and genre mix. Could you give us a bit more insight into the writing process behind the track?

The writing process? Hmm, I guess I came up with some chords and a little melody with them and I brought it to Cory who got some lyrics together. We kind of worked on it slowly over the course of a few months and voila, Seeing Red. Interestingly, the brass sound you hear on the recording was more or less an afterthought. It had originally been a bass solo but at the last minute we decided to fill the space with a trombone solo, courtesy of my former classmate and colleague, Eric Liu. Isn’t he fantastic? I’m so glad we could’ve brought him on on such short notice.

Do you think your future tracks will be leaning in this direction? Or do see yourselves going in a different direction sonically? 

Oh I’m sure we’ll be keeping things diverse. We’ve got another song that’s in the mixing and mastering stage that’s got a way more classic Rock n’ Roll feel to it. We’re really excited to bring that to you as well, it really came together well. Moving forward from that, I know our listeners will be pleased with some of the other tunes we have in the works, really going to keep working on our live show and our sound and just keep having fun with it really. So yeah, I guess expect the unexpected! We just want to keep showing up for you guys and growing our audience, so, we’re definitely excited.

How have you guys been holding up during quarantine? Any plans to head back into the studio?

Yeah totally! We’re going to be back in the studio again really soon, can’t wait for that. We were actually some of the first ones to get into the studio (North of Princess) where we recorded Seeing Red after the quarantine so in that regard, we were pretty lucky. Just have to stay diligent, safety first after all.

What can fans anticipate next

They can keep an eye out for us getting back on the road and trying to get back to business as usual. We’ve got a super great and supportive fan base, so we’re pretty lucky that we’ve been able to keep engaging with them, keeping them entertained through this whole ordeal, so I’m happy about that. Just keep checking in, we’ll have something new very soon!

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