Interview: Emerging artist Sophomooreik discusses his inspirations and new EP ‘EASYAS…[self indulgence]’

London based rapper Sophomooreik (aka Liam Moore) has released his second EP titled ‘EASYAS (self-indulgence)’. The 7-track semi-fictional parable immerses listeners in the story of an artist grappling with the struggles of a society always grasping for more. Sophomooreik speaks to us about his influences, what inspired his latest EP and what the future holds…

Hey Liam, how are you?

I’m not too bad, thanks.

Your artist name is ‘Sophomooreik’ which is really unusual, can you tell us the story of how you came up with it?

Yeah, of course! My last name is Moore and Sophomoric means immature… I just put the two together and then changed the spelling to make it cool aha.

When did you first start getting into music?

I started writing music when I was 14 but I was first introduced to rap music by my mum showing me an Eminem documentary. I just loved it and listened to all of Eminem’s music from that point on. Then, around the time of A-Levels, I had a friend called Ehren who found the music college SoundSkool and we planned to go there together. He actually ended up doing a plumbing course but I still went. It was all performance based learning, which I loved, and because I was already writing music I found I was quite good at it too. We got to do performances and Nina, my manager, was at one of them so that’s how I met her and it went from there really.

Who would you say are your main influences as an artist?

I always say people like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole because of their rapping skill but also their ability to make an album. I’ve never really had the intention to be an artist who blows up quickly off of a big single, my focus has been to create bodies of work which tell a story and are interconnected. I’d rather have the listener be engrossed in the story than just entertained by a three minute song. I also like to bring in influences from punk or indie rock bands like The Strokes through the darkness of my beats and lyrics.

Your second EP ‘EASYAS…[self indulgence]’ was released this week, how are you feeling about that?

I’m just really excited. I was maybe even more excited about this one than my first EP because in my eyes, this is my first EP. In this one, I’ve solidified my sound and perfected my craft. I’m always learning but this is what I want the world to base me off of.

Do you have a track you’re most proud of on this EP?

The entire EP is a semi-fictional parable, it’s kind of based on myself but it’s also inspired by things I’ve seen and learnt, so I am proud of all the songs for different reasons. ‘Live and Learn’ is the last song on the EP before the bonus track and that one is really important to me because I am being so honest about myself in it, it’s a song that’s very close to me. I also love ‘2 Grown Up’, I enjoy singing and making actual songs as a whole but where I’m just rapping for like three minutes straight, that’s when I am in my element. 

The video for your song ‘Knuckles’ was recently released, what’s it like when you finally put your work out into the world?

It’s a bit weird because I’ve been living with it for so long. It’s really nice to get it out there and get that response from people, even if it’s criticism it’s just nice to get reception rather than just holding it in. Letting it out there helps me move on from songs too, rather than just nitpicking at certain things, it’s like this track isn’t mine anymore, it’s everyone else’s. Releasing the ‘Knuckles’ video was especially good because I really like it and to get that feedback and response is really gratifying.

The video for ‘Knuckles’ is visually insane, it’s the kind of video where you see something new everytime you watch it, who came up with the ideas for that?

Bo Morgan was the director for Knuckles and he put together all the visuals. I came up with the ideas for the previous single ‘Gluttony’’ but for this one I didn’t really have a plan for the video beyond knowing that I wanted to have lightning and sort of dark imagery. Nina, my manager, brought in the idea of projectors and Bo took it from there.

Did COVID19 have a big impact on the filming for the ‘Knuckles’ music video?

To be honest, I was supposed to be doing a video for ‘Jehovah’, which also features on the EP, but because of coronavirus that got pushed back and when it did I thought that ‘Knuckles’ would work better as a video. So we released ‘Jehovah’ as a single instead and made the ‘Knuckles’ video, but since it was just me and Bo Morgan (the director) when filming coronavirus didn’t affect that video too much.

Your EPs have a budding theme in their titles with EASYAS, could you explain that to us?

It basically started with the songs ‘As of Late’, ‘Bishbashbosh’ and ‘Close Enough’. When I was writing them down in my notebook I noticed that the titles began with ABC which 

reminded me of the saying ‘it’s as easy as ABC’ and that formed the basis for the EP titles. My plan is to release five EPs from A to Z, the first EP has songs titled A for ‘As of Late’ all the way  to F for ‘Fingers Crossed’ and this one is G for ‘Gluttony’ through L for ‘Live and Learn’ and so on. 

There is actually a similar idea for the bonus songs which is ‘easy as 123’, so the bonus track from the first EP was called ‘½ (Half of It)’ and on the second EP it’s called ‘2 Grown up’, and that will also just go on from there, from EPs one to five.

Then the second bit of inspiration for the titles is the contrast of ‘easy as’ and ‘self indulgence’ or ‘growing up’ because those things aren’t easy! And then also having just one thing to stick by, so EASYAS…[growing up] and EASYAS… [self indulgence] that’s kind of where it came from.


What’s next on horizon for you, any live streams planned?

I need to get into livestreaming as well as being more present on social media but what’s really next after this EP will be to get back into the studio. I’m planning on recording a mixtape which will hopefully be coming out next March as well as the third EP sometime next year too. 

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