Interview: Get to know emerging pop artist Alex Frew

Eighteen-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Frew is a swirling mix of emotions, yet unafraid to express the state of his mind. His sound speaks teenage angst that rings passionately over melancholy tracks, narrating a journey of wanting to be alone but needing to be in love. He may have “a lump in his throat” but one thing that is clear is his unique way with words when it comes to music. Alex Frew looks to Bon Iver, Interpol, Khalid and The 1975 as musical inspirations.

Hey Alex, we recently reviewed your newest track ‘Antisocial Love Song’. In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

This song is really about connection with a single individual, and how despite gravitating  towards antisocial tendencies, you have this deep desire to be understood in an intimate way.  It took on a whole new meaning during this global pandemic. 

As a young songwriter, do you hope that tracks like ‘Antisocial Love Song’ can relate to listeners with a shared life experience?

Absolutely. Being a pop song, it’s very raw in the sense where it illustrates its intentions  clearly, and has a straightforward meaning. It was written from a very human emotion that is  felt by all of us at certain points, so I definitely hope people find it relatable in a way. 

The sound of your music leans towards emotional pop, with perhaps some indie thrown in there, who have been the biggest inspirations to your style?

Personally, I love artists such as Interpol and Pink Floyd, but I also love stuff like The 1975 and  Khalid, so I tend to think of my influences as coming from more than one genre. 

You started off this year with ‘Get Out Alive’, a huge pop song bursting with emotion, was this one also informed by personal experiences?

Of course! All of my songs come from my own life experiences, and ‘Get Out Alive’ holds a lot  of meaning for me in that regard. I find that music flows best for me when writing about  emotions that I’m feeling in then moment, and ’Get Out Alive’ was certainly one of those  scenarios.

How come you’ve ended up making music for a living? Was there anything else you thought about doing?

In all honesty, at no point in my life have I ever pictured myself doing anything else. I have  also had a deep passion for making music, and its all I ever really want to do. 

What’s your earliest musical memory?

Probably playing guitar on the front porch with my dad!

Bringing it back to the present, what else do you have planned for the rest of this year?

We have some awesome visual content coming soon, and also some new music Im super  excited for, so stay tuned!

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