Indie-Rock Band Bluenose B Talk About Loss Releasing ‘Another Place’ Their Most Personal Song Ever

Lyric orientated Indie-Rock artist Bluenose B is due to release their heartfelt single ‘Another Place’ on Friday 11th of December. Founded in the ’80s by songwriter Stephen Lawson, Bluenose B has gone through various line-up changes and styles over the years leading. Throughout that time Bluenose B has seen support from the likes of NME, Liverpool Echo, BBC Radio 1 (John Peel and Janice Long) to name a few. We caught up with Stephen Lawson to talk more about ‘Another Place’

Hi Stephen, How have you been?

Very well thanks, but very busy. Lockdown and the COVID crisis has raised some great challenges to writing and especially the recording of my current projects, however, meeting those challenges has helped me understand the value of new technology in terms of the creative arts.


Can you talk to us about your latest single ‘Another Place’? What inspired you to write the song?

My mother had been diagnosed as terminally ill. We wanted her to be at home during her last days and fortunately several of my brothers, sisters and extended family are nurses so we were lucky enough to be able to bring her to the place she wanted to be. “Another Place” is an art installation by Antony Gormley on Crosby Beach, it consists of 100 cast iron replicas of Antony’s body, looking out to sea. It is extremely beautiful and to some degree spiritual. It is about 100 yards from my mum’s house so when the situation in the home became overwhelming I would walk to the shore and gain some peace looking out across the Irish Sea surrounded by these silent statues. I hope that there will be another place where my family can meet at the end.

Loving the video, can you tell us a little about the filming process?

My friend, the fiddle player from the brilliant “Merry Hell” Neil McCartney went down and spent the day filming. There was very little for me to do. The art installation, the light, the Irish Sea and Neil’s skill did it all. The Sefton Coast is a largely unknown but beautiful place. Neil stated that the light was wonderful.

What are your main influences as an artist and how have they impacted your writing style?

I love all music from Funk to Country Western through Jazz and Punk. The artists I tend to listen to more often include Bowie, Prince, Chic, Talking Heads, Nilsson and Radiohead. I am listening to Red Rum Club and glass animals at the moment. I love complex melodies, strong lyrics and passionate beats. I also like songs that have a solid story behind them such as Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

Does the new single mean we can expect more new material – how’s that coming along?

The single is from my new album Harrowby Road. It is the place where we grew up. My mum would let every waif and stray in and cook for them. Often they came and never left. It was a safe place to stay. The album goes through my childhood, towards the middle becomes dark and then becomes more hopeful. Another Place is the final song and I hope a piece that inspires a positive look to the future.

The album will be out in February. John Kettle from Merry Hell helped me produce it and played the guitars. My cousin David Billows, my original singer, sang much of it with some cameos from myself. We are all very proud of it. It came together really well and was great fun. Helped me heal as well.

I am then hopeful of releasing another album of songs recorded with some superb artists. Virginia Kettle from Merry Hell, Tom Williams from Red Rum Club, Rachel Lawson and a Young guy Jack Hillidge who has a great voice. Most of the album is recorded and should be out in the summer.

Are you planning on gigging in the near future, situation permitting of course?

As soon as that becomes possible. Recording this album has been a joy but performing it will be a great tribute to the people who helped me complete it and to my mum.

Do you have a special message for your fans?

These are dark days but keep hoping. Things always get better. I’d like to think the single will help to a degree as will the album.