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Hugo Valentine ‘Change’ Track Review

Hugo Valentine & his magic hat return to close the year off with newest single, 'Change'.

Hugo Valentine, the classically trained London talent with his vibrant hats and uplifting brand of pop-rock has returned with his latest single in tow, ‘Change’. It’s been a busy year for Hugo, he’s spent his time fully immersed in the music, writing songs and releasing a number of successful singles that have been steadily racking up the Spotify streams. Previous singles ‘Rule the World’, ‘My Friend’ and ‘All I Want’ firmly cemented Hugo Valentine in the hearts and minds of his growing fanbase, and now he hopes to do the same with  ‘Change’. 

Despite the frequency of his releases, the stand-out factor in Hugo’s music has always been in the quality of his songwriting and his adherence to authenticity. Upcoming acts, especially in the pop and pop adjacent genres, often fall into the trap of creating quick, cookie-cutter songs that have radio play potential but lack any real originality or flavour – all fur coat and no knickers. Hugo Valentine is not one of those people, his music is that of a true craftsman who carefully and thoughtfully constructs pop songs with both variety and substance. 

Influenced by iconic, Great British acts like Elton John, David Bowie and Tom Odell, it’s no surprise then that Hugo takes such a hands-on role when creating his music. ‘Change’ was written by Hugo a few years ago during a restless night of inspiration. Unlike most of his tracks, the lyrics and melody for this one came to him relatively quickly and with coherent meaning. 

“I think the message for me was clear from the outset – grow up, change, be who you want to be, but don’t forget who you really are. It sounds corny but has been such an important thread in my life, something so pertinent. I went to the studio later that day to lay down the demo. Beyond the core message of the song, it’s also a song about realising that things are not as they seemed when you were a child. It’s a moment to reflect on those childhood memories and view them from your adult self’s perspective. Most children are very impressionable, as I certainly was, but there comes with that a sort of bliss of life, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the difficulties and complexities of life – ‘Do you remember the strange days, when we were young and free’ – this feels bittersweet when you reflect on it as an adult.”

Having built up a shining reputation for himself as an incredibly talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalists, Hugo continues to churn out high-quality music that’s original and true to him as both an artist and a person. His appeal lies in creating songs that are filled with meaning, emotion and a cheerful tunefulness that comforts the listener, even through the most sensitive of subjects.

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