Ana Azarov

Horace Bray ‘Fame, Fortune, and Perfume’ EP Review

Sick of the smoke and mirrors Horace Bray has produced something that goes behind the scenes and is rooted in great music.

Horace Bray has a new EP out called Fame, Fortune, and Perfume. This extremely talented musician has racked up over 100 thousand followers on social media with guitar tutorials and cover songs in many different genres. This time he has Self-produced a body of work that may only be 5 songs long but is filled to the brim with expertise beyond his years.

The EP starts with ‘Waiting For You’ a track about love and indeed Bray’s first relationship. “Fell in love for the first time / 21 state of mind / Looking for a finish line / I’m loved and lost, left behind, left behind” sings Bray. The guitars on this have a great retro vibe reminiscent of a time he is not old enough to remember but that is clearly an influence in his work. As is relationships, ‘Get It Right’ is up next, a chilled mellow track about more dating. This time what happens when it goes wrong or as Bray describes it himself  ‘gets surreal’.  

The next track ‘Close to Calm’ is a stand out track on the EP and was produced alongside Juan Ariza at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a wonderful guitar solo in the song that shows off how Bray found fame in the first place with his gifted guitar skills. The solo is exceptionally mesmerising and particularly calming considering this song originates in feelings of panic that Bray was experiencing at the time. It beautifully fades out drifting into the background as does his panicked feelings. This tune is likely to have the same soothing effect the piano songs his mother played him as a child, that he referenced in the song.

‘Let Go’ is a funky and fresh track that is definitely the more upbeat song on the EP, one you can dance to. It was apparently inspired by U2 which you can hear in the track. “Hold you close on a starry night / I don’t want it any other way,” he sings to us. Urging us to “Stay the night and let go.” which Is exactly what listeners should do because this is a song you can listen to all night. 

Finally comes the title track ‘Fame Fortune and Perfume’ it’s not quite a case of saving the best till last but is close. The song, all about running with a new crowd when he moved to L.A. In talking about the track Bray mentions L.A. as having a lot of smoke and mirrors, which is perfect because this song is magic! 

When he released Fame, Fortune, and Perfume Bray said he wanted to put a stamp on what he can do when left to his own devices. He has certainly done that. In fact, if this is the beginning of his new journey fans and new listeners alike should jump on board for the ride. They won’t regret it.

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