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Holy Monitor Unveil Their Latest Track ‘Blue Whale’

Athens Psych Rockers Holy Monitor Unveil Their Latest Track ‘Blue Whale’

Athens psych-rockers Holy Monitor are scheduled to release their forthcoming LP Southern Lights next week via Blackspin Records/Primitive Music, an astonishing and affecting follow up to their 2020 critically acclaimed EP release, This Desert Land.

Having already shared the two singles “The Sky Is Falling Down” and “Naked In The Rain”,  the band has now dropped their third tune titled called “Blue Whale”.

The Greek quintet’s latest single, “Blue Whale” is a lofty pop effort filled with warm and comforting reverb-drenched guitars.

Holy Monitor is a psychedelic rock quintet whose sound incorporates elements of krautrock, space-rock and ambient music. The band’s reverb-soaked vocals crawl beneath waves of pulsating minimal rhythms, while fuzz driven guitars and proggy keys create a hypnotic sonic ambience. Holy Monitor deal exclusively in hypnotic ambience and utopian soundscapes

“We were in the studio jamming on new ideas for our new album when we came up with this 5/4 beat accompanied by a clean, reverb-soaked strumming guitar. It was the first time we tried something different than the traditional 4/4 so we kept the idea and started building a new track with a classic Rhodes sound, an aery playful vocal line and a distinctive guitar solo that would be memorable. “Blue Whale” was born with the addition of the story of a girl that was coming to life every time in different shape. A blue whale, a mountain, a ghost, the sand in an hourglass. “

The track listing for Southern Lights is ...

1. River
2. Naked In The Rain
3. Blue Whale
4. Southern Lights
5. The Sky Is Falling Down
6. Hourglass
7. Ocean Trail
8. Under The Sea

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