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Hēran Soun Releasing Debut LP in October

Touring the US now to rain awareness for the Save Our Stages Bill

Hēran Soun is the moniker of James Freeman-Turner, a songwriter from the UK, now living in the United States. Born with severe hearing loss, which over time deteriorated into a total loss, James underwent multiple operations and years of speech therapy to regain his hearing and voice.

Over a period of time, Turner regained his hearing and with it, a unique ability to understand and appreciate music in a beautiful way. He’s releasing his debut album, Undeaf, on the 9th of October. He’s got a number of lovely videos already out for the record. Check this one for the number, “When You Wanted.”

Potentially even more interesting than this debut record, is that he’s on tour across the US. You read that right? He’s on tour, though you can’t see him. He’s raising awareness for the US congressional bill, Save Our Stages. He’s playing in front of closed up venues from coast to coast, covering songs by artists that would have been there, had we not been hit with this global pandemic, we’re all sick of hearing about.

His most recent video was covering Russ’ “Cherry Hill”, at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, MI. Check them all out on his Youtube page.

There’s a lot of Thom Yorke is his voice and vocal stylings. But this looks to be a stellar debut for Hēran Soun.

The track listing for Undeaf is ...

  1. I Offer
  2. A Picture of a Woman
  3. The Same Battles  (So Close)
  4. Bad & Worse
  5. A Lover Waits
  6. When You Wanted
  7. In My Mouth
  8. Back Words
  9. Let Me Go
  10. Barricade
  11. Who Are You
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