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healer Gives A Much Needed Pep Talk In “Cat’s Meow”

The Chicago-based indie-pop artist finds the bright side of being lonely.

healer has shared the visual for “Cat’s Meow”. Filled with cats, catsuits and ukuleles the track and video is a much needed break from the stresses of everyday life. With its whimsical hook and candid lyrics, this “Uke-Trap” artist delivers a track that is both bright and deep, capturing the universal feeling of missing someone you love while also acknowledging the happiness that comes with having someone to miss.

“Cat’s Meow” blends percussive clapping, trap production, ukulele and of course a cat’s meow, culminating into a light-hearted and endearing single. The new release builds on the momentum of previous single “Make You Sad” and is the second in a series to be released ahead of his debut EP via Quadio Records.

When you’re logging half a million streams with glistening folk pop hits in high school, then segue to Bright Eyes-evoking lo-fi emo jams in college, what could possibly be your third act? For Bryce Waitkus, the singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist behind War is Over and Okay Alright, you adopt the name healer, sign with Quadio Records (the independent label that recently partnered with Disruptor/Sony) and start making heartfelt, danceable indie bangers about the very real hope that mental health challenges can be overcome with self-love and supportive community.

The Chicago-based singer-songwriter embraces the music he creates as a method of healing and empathy – crafting tracks that are deeply personal but universally relatable. Speaking on the track, healer explains, “‘Cat’s Meow’ is a reminder that we sometimes deserve a break from all of the worrying and stress, and that we need to take care of ourselves and each other. I wanted this song to feel emotional in a very real and simple and relatable way; no dressing it up with dramatic metaphors, poetic devices, or complicated production. I hope ‘Cats Meow’ makes people smile and dance and think about the people they love.” He divulges, “It’s such a weird time to be releasing something so upbeat and positive. The social climate has made me more anxious than ever. Quarantine has got everyone feeling lonely. But that’s exactly why I started healer earlier this year; so much gloom just brings more opportunity for healing and growing, and I hope this song can be a part of that.”