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Hazy Tropical Dipped Psych Pop

New single "My Room" from multi-instrumentalist artist, singer and producer Julian Skiboat

Dripping in the warmth of the tropics of instrumentation, this track will absorb you in hazy, exotic warmth and peace. Julian Skiboat is a talented multi-instrumentalist artist, singer and producer; his latest single “My Room” is frighteningly relatable. You know that feeling of being stuck inside for ages? Or maybe you just can’t shake the stagnancy off from the repercussion of the global pandemic? This single will comfort you and give you the energy to have a slow, high-vibe bop.

The single narrates quite simply the effects of being cooped up in your room. His sad-boy vocals are woozy and slow, flying high amongst the cloud soft percussion, soothing loops, floating keys and muffled riffs that sound like a rippling mirage of warmth. “My Room” is chilled, exotically idillic and both soothing and uplifting. The pacy, gentle beat rides over the calmness of Skiboat’s tracks giving the more melancholic lyrics and sprinkle of smiles and positivity. “My Room” will be looping in your mind for days living rent free, and you’re going to love it. Your welcome.

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