Haley and Michaels – Country Music Week Special

As part of our special series to celebrate Country Music Week we caught with Nashville based duo Haley and Michaels.

First of all, welcome, thanks for taking time out to talk with us…

Let’s dive right in and start with how you met and struck up the band?

We grew up 3 miles apart but didn’t meet until we were in Nashville. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we had instant chemistry. We started as a deep friendship and musical connection. Our first performance together was at The Roxy in Los Angeles and everything grew from there. We began writing and singing together and spending more time together. Everything evolved quickly from there and it wasn’t long before we wrote our wedding song “Giving It All (To You)” and debuted it at The Opry and NBC’s Today Show. We had a lot of missed connections growing up, but we’re thankful we met and we are believers that things happen at the right time when they’re supposed to.

Please share the story behind your song ‘Hail Mary’

“Hail Mary” is a song we wrote about overcoming the odds. We wrote it personally about overcoming adversity in life and in the music business. We believe that when you write songs that are small, specific and honest to yourself, that’s what resonates with others the most – as the songs we grew up with did for us. We wanted to approach the production as anthemic and leaning on our rock ‘n’ roll influences. It was one of the highlights of our journey to perform it half-time of Monday Night Football at Levi’s Stadium last year!

Five things that make a classic country song might include …

1) Depth

2) Real lyrics

3) A beautifully melancholy melody

4) A “classic” country song often includes a modulation but we always avoid taking the last chorus “upstairs” when possible, but we still love and appreciate those moments in the classics 🙂

5) A cold drink

What kept encouraged you during Lockdown?

One of the silver linings during Lockdown was that we found new ways to stay connected with friends, family and with our fans. We’ve especially enjoyed all of the new friends we’ve made in the UK and can’t wait to come back as soon as the world allows. We’ve also just recently had our first baby; Keira Harmony Michaels and there is no better encouragement then the miracle of bringing her into the world. Another silver lining is the time we’ve enjoyed just getting to be together and slow down for a bit as we’ve been on the road most of the past few years.

If your life was a kitchen appliance, which one would it be and why?

A dishwasher. The thing that makes us most similar to a dishwasher is that there’s always clean dishes that become dirty and need to be made clean again. One could say that life is similar as it relates to falling down, kicking off the dirt and getting back up … so we’ll go with dishwasher for the toughness and persistence.

Quick fire questions …

If you had to pick, would you choose …..

Peace or perseverance           Peace

Surf or swim                             Swim

Taco or burrito                         Taco

Lion or tiger                              Lion

Brian Wilson or Brian Eno     Brian Wilson

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