Glass House Point unveil the uplifting new track ‘All To Rest’

A beautiful offering from the quartet

With huge amounts of praise and acclaim landing in their laps over the last few years, largely down to the enormous success of their 2017 single ‘Creatures’, alt-rockers Glass House Point are back to their best as they return with the anthemic new gem ‘All To Rest’.

Taking the idea of rich and uplifting soundscapes to new heights, ‘All To Rest’ sees them comeback with one of their most driven releases so far. Harmonious and soaring in equal measure, the guys are really looking to create something special for this new chapter in their careers.

“‘All To Rest’ wrestles with impermanence, and the idea that everything eventually comes to an end”, the band explains. “The song explores the experience of entering a new phase of life and processing the echoes of the past.”

‘All To Rest’ is lifted from their upcoming new EP ‘Verglas’, which is set to arrive in April this year. Listen to the new single below.