GIGsoup Video Premiere: Rock Me Amadeus ‘Ode to Believin’

All-star cast members of Rock Me Amadeus release new video "Ode to Believin" - new show coming Fall 2021

International Rock, Opera and Classical Artists Keep the Faith in New Music Video
“Ode to Believin’” 

Original Mashup of Beethoven’s Symphony #9 and Journey’s 1981 Hit Song

Although theatres have been dark throughout New York City for the past several months, creative spirits in artists have continued to burn bright. World renowned Opera Singer Alyson Cambridge and Guitar Virtuoso Tony Bruno, co-producers of the upcoming new music fusion show, Rock Me Amadeus, announced the show last fall and have been releasing a series of music videos to give fans a taste of the show’s music and all-star cast. Today, the cast releases their latest music video, “Ode to Believin’”, for their original mashup of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and Journey’s anthemic “Don’t Stop Believin’”, featuring the show’s international stars from opera, rock and classical music. The show is slated to open this fall in NYC.

With most of the world still gripped by the pandemic, Cambridge and Bruno hope their latest video will inspire feelings of nostalgia for pre-pandemic days as well as bring a message of optimism that things will eventually get better. Cambridge says, “We wanted to bring a message of hope, new beginnings and joy moving into this new year, and with our greatest hope of returning to live performances and enjoying music like we used to.”

Shot in the D’Angelico Guitars Showroom in Midtown Manhattan during the pandemic months, the “Ode to Believin’” video features the Rock Me Amadeus cast members, including Lead Guitarist and D’Angelico Ambassador Tony Bruno, who arranged the song. The five vocalists in the video – Alyson Cambridge, Chloe Lowery, Kia Warren, Victor Ryan Robertson and Toby Rand – blend their Opera, Broadway, Rock and R&B styles in the song. Violinist Máiréad Nesbitt, Drummer Brian Delaney, Pianist Henry Aronson and Bassist Luis Guzman provide their instrumental expertise from remote locations. The video was edited by Simon Wheeldon.

More video teasers and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage will be released via the show’s Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube every month through the summer to give fans a preview of the exciting experience to come. Look out for announcements on the Rock Me Amadeus opening dates and venues around New York City on

More about Rock Me Amadeus

Rock Me Amadeus is a new show that combines classics from different centuries. It brings the grandeur of classical music, the opulence of opera and the powerful emotions of classic rock and pop songs into one electrifying concert experience. Internationally-acclaimed opera soprano Alyson Cambridge and rock guitar virtuoso/composer Tony Bruno join forces to create and co-produce Rock Me Amadeus, blending an all-star cast of rock, pop and classical vocalists and instrumentalists with a full rock band, symphony orchestra and choir. The show is currently slated to open in fall 2021 in New York City.

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Congratulations on your upcoming production, Rock Me Amadeus! What was your inspiration for co-producing the show, especially during a pandemic?

Alyson Cambridge (AC) –  Thanks for the congrats!  We are excited!  Tony and I had had this idea for a show for months prior to pandemic, with the goal of getting to live shows in Fall of 2020. When we realized that wouldn’t be possible, we decided to pivot to  producing online content and music videos to build our fanbase and awareness of the live show, give people a taste of our music and our cast so that when we can return to stages live, people will be excited and have an idea of what to expect.

Tony Bruno (TB) – We had this idea after working together in theater before and our plan was to NOT put out these vignette videos, rather to just start conceptualizing until we were ready to perform live. But the pandemic pause in live shows really gave us the luxury of seeing what works visually as well as musically.

With most of the world being in lockdown, how did you find the motivation to bring all these fine artists together to not only participate in this show but also to create the wonderful music videos you’ve released?

TB – That part was easy. Myself and Alyson know a huge amount and range of talent and ALL of them were dying to be involved in anything that would feel like they were somehow performing again. In a way, I think we got better performances than we might if it hadn’t been a lockdown!

AC – Yes, as Tony said, once it was very clear that none of us would be on stage again for many, many months, the desire and ability to create with the platform of our show was great! Our cast has created makeshift recording studios, travelled (safely), and done whatever necessary to make these videos come to life.

We love the idea of bringing together the classical composers with classic rock! How do you determine which songs to mash together? And is it as fun as you make it look?

AC – Tony and I both have such extensive lists of repertoire from varying genres – he, primarily the rock and pop world, and me, the classical music/opera world.  So we get together and brainstorm about songs that have similar themes, are recognizable or have great nostalgic appeal. Then once we’ve decided what songs work well together for a mashup, Tony makes the arrangements come to life.  And, we make sure to tap into all the strengths of our vocally diverse cast to make sure we highlight them as best we can.

TB – Hmmm. Fun? yes…after it’s done. But the process itself can be maddening. The songs have to have similar meanings and moods. That’s the hardest part. We also want to stick with the human condition here, meaning what we all experience from adolescence through adulthood because nostalgia is what everyone can relate to. These songs are often the soundtrack of the life of someone in the audience.

We understand that your opening date and location are still TBD. Any other details you can share at the moment about the show?

AC –  Yes, so much really does depend on the vaccine roll-out and how/when we can all safely be in theaters again. That said, we would love to have a residency either at a theater in NYC or perhaps in a major NY/NJ area casino, where shows like this do very well. So many pandemic-related factors will go into that decision. Our goal in the live show is to weave together all the musical themes and vignettes into one overarching storyline, so this will be more than just a musical concert or presentation. Rock Me Amadeus will take you on a musical and emotional journey.  

TB – We are considering implementing dialogue of some sort. But that depends on if we can pull it off in a way that’s not too narrative or corny. Has to be genuine and add to the show, not distract.

Besides the opening of Rock Me Amadeus, what are you looking forward to the most after the pandemic has dissipated?

TB – Going to see other’s live shows and performing in small clubs with my weekend warrior buds while sharing a hug, a drink and all the other things we used to be able to do

AC – Same as Tony, I can’t wait to go to live shows again, and to be on stage again myself.  As great as watching videos is online, it’s not the same as being surrounded by fellow audience members and taking in the awesome feeling of enjoying music live!  Beyond that, I am ready to be with friends and family again – hug my nieces, have dinner at a restaurant with friends. I miss those days!  

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