GIGsoup Video Premiere: Nalini Tranquim ‘Your Love’

Christian singer-songwriter Nalini Tranquim releases her new music video "Your Love". The Australian artist, life coach and author wrote the song as a testament to how love and faith can help overcome huge life challenges.

Australia-based singer-songwriter, pianist, author and life coach Nalini Tranquim knows all too well that good things come to those who wait. Her path to pursuing her musical calling was a long, arduous one. Born with music in her blood (she is the granddaughter of famous Bollywood lyricist, Qamar Jalalabadi) in Chandigarh, India, Nalini Tranquim showed musical talent from the age of 2. She moved with her family to Zimbabwe, then at age 18, moved to London to pursue her music career. The next several years, she found herself as a young mom and wife, having to put her music on hold while she faced a number of extreme life and emotional challenges.

She found that her faith in God enabled her to endure the hardship and return to music 15 years later. It was during her 6-month recovery from severe depression and PTSD that she was able to finish her song, “Your Love”.

In addition, Nalini wrote part 1 of her life’s story in her autobiography, The Orange Hue, that she published in 2019. She also became a life coach to help others overcome their personal struggles and live their best lives. Nalini says, “Through the different challenges faced, I believe I can help provide hope for those who are weary, tired, broken and ready to quit. There is a resilience and tenacity that can only be forged in the fire. I’m here to spur you on and say if I can push through, then so can you.”

“Your Love”, the inspirational new single by Nalini Tranquim is now available on iTunes, Spotify and all other major streaming platforms – found HERE – or on

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